Happy New Year - 2022

Oh dear me, it’s 2022.  We’re only a few days into the new year and my head is spinning already. 

Here’s what is already on my calendar for the month of January:

  • enter 2 or 3 paintings in the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition.  Wish me luck!  If I have a painting accepted this year I will earn my signature membership.  Fingers crossed.
  • apply to five art festivals for the summer.  [Evergreen, Edwards, Breckenridge, Evergreen again and Denver – all in Colorado.] I’m hoping to be accepted to at least three of them.  Five might be a bit much… Wish me luck again!!
  • finish two paintings I’ve carried over from the last two weeks of 2021.  Given the fact that I generally average one completed painting per month, that would get 2022 off to a roaring start!

  • begin my “to-do” list of paintings for 2022.  See below.
  • travel 1,000 miles to Tubac, Arizona to take an art workshop.  I have no idea why all the good instructors teach in Florida, Texas, Arizona or California in the winter months, but there it is. Ha.
  • tackle a whole bunch of work related to my being the president of Thompson Valley Art League in Loveland

Like I said, my head is spinning and this is only the first month.

A friend of mine created a collage of the artwork that adorned the covers of the 12 Latin novellas she has written and published.  There is something immensely satisfying (and not a little surprising) to see all of your work in one place.  She posted her collage on Facebook, which gave me the idea to do something similar.

So here goes.

I did 11 major wax batik paintings this past year. I did some significant tweaking to another one and rescued it from the “meh” pile.  I painted a very small (6” x 6”) wax batik – a new venture for me.  Here they are.

And now for the “to-do” list for 2022.  I’ve spent many hours pondering the photos that I have available to me.  Several are ones that other people have taken and have kindly given me permission to paint from.  Five are photos that I have taken. Plus I have a commission waiting for my attention.

Here’s the 2022 lineup I have so far.  It tends to get revised as the year goes along!  A couple of notes: I am seriously considering doing the elk on the tundra with Long’s Peak in the background as a diptych.  By dividing it in half I can make each half much larger and still stay on my cloud unryu paper.  Stay tuned.  The top two, as you may have figured out, are my “leftovers” from 2021.  I should be showing them off real soon.  The mountain lion wading up the stream promises to be a major challenge.  All those highlights on the water, you know.  Small shapes and lots of them!

Hey, let’s do this: if you see one that you want me to move to the top of the list put in your vote!! [No guarantees, but it would be fun to hear from you.]

Kind regards,