The Perils of Pauline the Painter_take 2

This either falls in the category of “The Perils of Pauline the Painter” or “Adapt or Die.”  Probably a little of both.  Actually, it’s in the category of “there’s-a-problem; I-have-to-solve-it.”  Problem-solving is a frequent undertaking by artists!

So I’m swinging along, working on my latest painting when, fortunately, I took a step back and looked at the overall piece.  Sometimes I can get so focused on the details I lose track of the overall picture.

Anyway, I discovered an oops.  Part of the painting was not as dark as it needed to be, since I was at level 3 of a 4-level painting.  That meant there needed to be a bigger value jump with each layer than I was used to.  Hmmm.  Some of the painting was just too light.  And trust me, if it ain’t right when I paint it, it’s darned hard to change it after I iron the wax out.  It just never looks as fresh. 

Conversely if I miss a shape that should have stayed light, well that’s really a problem.  Those areas of light are essential.

Here’s my video of the “oh darned, I goofed.”  But it wasn’t too late, thank heavens.

I did finish the painting a couple of days later.  So here’s the world premiere of the finished painting.  You are seeing it before anyone! [Aren’t you thrilled?] Ignore the watermarked logo; I’ll get it signed later today.

So there you have it.  Perseverance is a virtue and being able to problem solve is a necessary skill!

Kind regards,